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Employee rewards that wow.

Blueboard is a recognition and incentives platform powered by hand-curated experiences. We make it easy for companies to give meaningful employee rewards, incentives, and gifts - from one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

✓  Experiential rewards and incentives

✓  Platform for recognition at scale

  Insights for your recognition ROI

Ignite your recognition program with experiential rewards and incentives

Experiential employee rewards - from spa days, to concerts and surf lessons, to bucket list travel adventures - are the best way to recognize and incentivize your top people. Unlike cash or gift cards, experiential rewards actually feel rewarding. They celebrate employees as real people, creating strong relationships built on mutual gratitude and respect. And they generate conversations and shareable stories that build buzz and excitement around your recognition efforts.




Spa Treatment

Zero-Gravity Float Experience

Weekend Staycation

Romantic Couples Getaway

Glass Blowing Class

Learn to Play an Instrument




Tandem Skydiving

Whitewater Rafting

Romantic Wine Cruise

Interactive Cooking Class

Personal Training Sessions

Horseback Riding Lesson

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"Thanks to you wonderful people, I had a chance to go on a guided Fly Fishing excursion... to celebrate my 3 year TTD anniversary. I'm not exaggerating when I say I had the BEST DAY EVER... thank you all for allowing us to have this amazing experience."

Casey | 3-Year Work Anniversary

Actionable program insights that prove your recognition ROI

How recipients feel about their Blueboard experience

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*Blueboard Post-experience Engagement Survey Data, updated 2019

With full visibility of the reward lifecycle from appreciation, to activity, to afterglow - our employee recognition software lets you measure engagement impact and gives you confidence in your investment.

Blueboard rewards create authentic, memorable recognition stories that employees can't wait to share.

View engagement through our centralized dashboard

Track utilization and insights, from distribution to reward completion.

Complete the employee feedback look with post-experience engagement surveys.

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Recognizing a job well done by rewarding team members in meaningful ways – ways that you’ll remember, that will get you ear-to-ear-grinning excited, and that you'll want to share with others. 

We founded Blueboard to inspire people to challenge their comfort zone, indulge in their passions, and experience new things – we'll look forward to sending your top employees #Blueboarding.

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