Choose your own President's Clubexperience.

Your reality: group trips are off the table. Give your qualifying reps President's Club rewards they can redeem today, from in-home offerings like DIY greenhouse kits to Peloton bikes; or luxury adventures they can plan for tomorrow, like chasing the Northern Lights or indulging at a Sedona Red Rocks spa.

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A menu of bucket list experiences to excite every employee.

From In-home experiences that build connection, to out in the world experiences that give us a much-needed taste of adventure, there's a reward for every employee's unique passions, interests, and comfort zones.

Here's a sample of some of our favorite President's Club experiences:

For today.

For tomorrow.

For the future.

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You already poured hours into planning your big event, so the last thing you want to do is repeat the effort. Blueboard enables sales leaders to send President’s Club rewards in just a few clicks.

Your top reps will gain access to our curated experience menu and choose the in-home experience or bucket list trip that’s most meaningful to them. From there, we'll treat them like the sales rockstars that they are with our VIP Concierge service.

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The turnover rate and state of motivation for salespeople is the most challenging of any industry (3X higher than all others).

To properly motivate and retain your top sales people, you’ll need incentives that build real excitement and motivation towards your increasing revenue goals.

How does receiving a Blueboard President's Club award work?

Winners choosetheir experience

The Conciergetreatment

Receive yourreward


Winners choose the experience most meaningful to them from our hand-curated, luxury rewards menu.

Our celebrated Concierge team handles all logistics, planning, and their final itinerary, coordinating plenty of surprise and delights along the way.

You will receive your experiential reward in your inbox.

Meet your personal Concierge and learn how you will work together to find you perfect experience.

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Motivate your reps with the big blue world of experiential rewards.

No matter the recognition moment, experiential rewards create excitement and better outcomes for all. We’ll partner together to craft a solution that exceeds your expectations.


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Let your top sales reps choose

the bucket list President’s Club.

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Motivate and incentivize

top performers.

African Safari

“I had an amazing time in South Africa. Thank you for curating the best holiday I have ever had in my 54 years on this earth! 

I can’t recommend Blueboard and its personalized President’s Club trip high enough, it’s so much more meaningful to the individual.”

Claire C.

Blueboard is the first enterprise rewards and recognition platform powered by hand-curated experiences. From helping people connect with family and friends, to escaping the everyday, Blueboard employee rewards are the best way to inspire and care for your top people.

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