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Blueboard is a rewards and recognition platform that helps companies say "thank you" to their employees in a more meaningful way 

through custom, curated experiences as rewards.

 Why top companies reward with experiences

Experiences are memorable, as we go on adventures or try something new these memories stay with us for life

Experiences are personal, and we offer hundreds for your employees to choose from 


Experiences are sharable, where cash and gift cards are quiet. Bond with your employee as they plan their experience and watch them share photos and memories with their coworker peers

Experiences make an impact. Our post-experience survey data reports increased employee motivation, feeling of value, and a more positive perception of your company culture!*

Experiences as rewards do what cash and gift cards just can't:

Managers send a reward via our platform with just one click




We make sending experiential rewards easy

Way easier than buying a gift card, seriously.

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Employee chooses from hundreds of custom, bespoke experiences

Blueboard Concierge handles all planning and logistics 

Employee shows up and has a great time!

Companies rewarding with Blueboard

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"In the tech industry, employee retention is really important to us. We want to do everything we can to make our employees happy, and Blueboard is a big part of that."

Jill Coleman

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"Our team's really young, but our methods and reward systems were old fashioned. Doing the same old thing wasn't going to make an impact."

Lauren Hopson

What our customers are saying about Blueboard

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Blueboard Employee Rewards